Short videos 1
The videos enact simple stories, where seemingly nothing happens. 
Apparently insignificant elements of everyday life. It also details often overlooked,  
sometimes unexpected events. 
My videos show, in a playful way, my gaze. 
They are a complement to my pictorial works.

Video brevi 1
I video mettono in scena storie semplici, dove sembra non succeda nulla. 
Elementi apparentemente insignificanti della vita di tutti i giorni, dettagli spesso trascurati, 
eventi a volte inaspettati. 
I miei video mostrano, in modo giocoso, il mio sguardo. 
Essi sono un complemento alle mie opere pittoriche.
 Scaffolding, Milan, May 2013
Man on the tip of the pier, Trieste, August 2013
Waves in laguna, Venice, August 2013
One Sunday in the spring, Milan, June 2008
Rider in the snow, Milan, February 2013
Woman and man walking in the snow, Milan, February 2013
Early morning, Milan, May 2013
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